The 10th International Conference on English Language Teaching in China (ELT2023) 3rd Call for Papers

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Report to the 20th CPC National Congress of the Communist Party of China explicitly requested to promote educational digitalization, making clear the guidelines for its future development. The Work Points of the Ministry of Education in 2022 clearly made the top-level design of the educational digitalization transformation strategy. In this context, English language education community conforms to the general trend of educational digitalization, reconstructs teaching concepts, innovates teaching and research models, and promotes the high-quality development of English education.


In order to further promote the theoretical development, curriculum practice and innovation of English education in China, China English Language Education Association will organize the 10th International Conference on ELT in China (ELT2023) in Chengdu on Oct. 13-15, 2023, with the theme of “Advancing Digital Transformation, Innovating English Language Education”. The conference is hosted by the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Sichuan University and co-hosted by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. The conference will take the form of keynote speech, symposium, individual paper, poster presentation, and so on.



Conference Theme


Advancing Digital Transformation, Innovating English Language Education



      ⬥ Innovative Foreign Language Education Theories

      ⬥ Whole Person Education in English Courses

      ⬥ Teaching Materials Development and Research

      ⬥ College English Language Teaching and Research

      ⬥ English Language Teaching and Research for English Majors

      ⬥ English Language Teaching and Research in Vocational Schools and Colleges

      ⬥ English Language Teaching and Research in Primary and Secondary Schools

      ⬥ Teaching and Research of Country and Regional Studies

      ⬥ English for Specific Purposes Teaching and Research

      ⬥ Linguistics Teaching and Research

      ⬥ Literature Teaching and Research

      ⬥ Translation and Interpreting Teaching and Research

      ⬥ Cross-cultural English Teaching and Research

      ⬥ Digital Technology & English Language Teaching

      ⬥ Mixed Method English Language Teaching Research

      ⬥ English Medium Instruction (EMI)

      ⬥ Production-oriented Approach

      ⬥ X Theory

      ⬥ Critical Thinking English Teaching and Research

      ⬥ Second Language Acquisition Research

      ⬥ Foreign Language Teacher Development Research

      ⬥ Assessment and Testing Research

      ⬥ Psycholinguistics

      ⬥ Sociolinguistics

      ⬥ Other related topics


Conference Information

Time: Time for Check-in: October 12th 13:00--22:00, and October 13th 7:30--8:15;

Time of Conference: October 13th-15th
Venue: Homeland Hotel Chengdu

(Address: No.181, Jichang Road, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province; Phone Number: +86 28 82936666, 18080190711)

Organized by: China English Language Education Association 
Hosted by: Sichuan University
Co-hosted by: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press 

Working Languages: English and Chinese 


Keynote Speakers

1. Kyria Rebeca Finardi (Federal University of Espirito Santo)

Senior Lecturer and Researcher of the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES), in Vitória, Brazil;Vice President of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA)

Speech Topic: Trends and Innovations in ELT in the intersection between methodology and technology


2. SUN Youzhong (Beijing Foreign Studies University)

Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University; Chair of the China English Language Education Association; Head of the The National Foreign Languages Teaching Advisory Board under The Ministry of Education.

Speech Topic: The Relationship Between Chinese and Foreign Cultures in English Education


3. XU Xiaofei (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Professor in the Faculty of Computing at Harbin Institute of Technology, Fellow and Board Member of the China Computer Federation (CCF), and Deputy Head of the Software Engineering Teaching Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Education.

Speech Topic: From MOOC to the Future New Form of Higher Education in the Digital Age


4. Hayo Reinders (Anaheim University)

TESOL Professor and Director of the doctoral programme at Anaheim University in the USA as well as Professor of Applied Linguistics at KMUTT in Thailand. Editor of the journal Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching.

Speech Topic: Encouraging Out-of-class Learning with Augmented Reality


5. JIANG Yanfei (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd)

Director of the Translation Center at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., with over 20 years of professional translation experience, having translated and reviewed over ten million words.

Speech Topic: The Development of Foreign Language Talents in the Era of Human-computer Integration


6. WANG Xin (Sichuan University)

Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Sichuan University; Member of the English Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education; Deputy Director of the Sichuan University American Studies Center; Managing Director of the National American Literature Society.

Speech Topic: New standards, New futures, New ecology-Promoting the Development of Digital Education



AILA-East Asia Forum

Theme:EFL Teachers Digital Literary


Chair: YANG Lifang, Associate professor,Beijing Foreign Studies University



Prof. Noriko Nakanishi,Kobe Gakuin University

Speech TopicActivities for English Oral Communication Training and Assessment: Tailored to Different Proficiency Levels, for Different Purposes, to Improve Different Competencies


Prof. HU Jiehui,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Speech TopicChinese College Foreign Language Teachers’ Digital Literacy Beliefs and Practices


Invited symposium


Invited symposium 1

The theoretical and practical Exploration of the integration of Content Language with Foreign Language Education

Chair: Prof. CHANG Junyue(Dalian University of Foreign Languages)


Invited symposium 2

Foreign Language Education Practices of the Empowerment and Enhancement Educational Approach

Chair: Prof. ZHANG Wenzhong(Nankai University)


Invited symposium 3

Reform and Practice of English Literature Education in the Perspective of International Communication Capacity Building

Chair: Prof. LUO Lianggong (Central China Normal University)


Invited symposium 4

Cultivation of English Teacher Training Talents in the Context of New Liberal Arts

Chair: Prof. JI Xiaoting (Tianjin Normal University)


Invited symposium 5

Exploring the Reform of English Blended Teaching for the Construction of New Liberal Arts Subjects

Chair: Prof. XIE Shijian (Guangxi Normal University)


Invited symposium 6

Metapragmatics in English Classroom Teaching

Chair: Prof. CHEN Xinren (Nanjing University)


Invited symposium 7

The New Normal of English Specialization under Digital Empowerment

Chair: Prof. ZHANG Xin (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)


Registration and Inquiry


Conference Fees:

      ⬥ Domestic attendees: RMB 1,600 per person

      ⬥ International attendees: $230 per person

      ⬥ Members of the China English Language Education Association/Organizing Institutions: RMB 1,400 per person

      ⬥ Early-Bird Price: RMB 1,400 ($200) per person (before September 15th, 2023)

      ⬥ Full-time graduate students: RMB 800 per person


The conference fee includes meals. Please register and pay on the official conference website ( Expenses of travel and accommodation shall be borne by attendees themselves. The organizing committee has reserved rooms for registered attendees. Please register and pay by October 7th at the latest.



For attendees who have submitted paper abstracts and received acceptance notices, invitation letters have been sent to your email. Please complete your payment by September 15th as instructed, otherwise your paper presentation will be considered forfeited.



Edicated email: (email recommended for comprehensive feedback)

For registration and payment: SU Yan (028-85412023)

For conference affairs: LING Ximan (18780092023); HU Gang (13882093913)


Official Websites:

Conference Website:

China English Language Education Association:

College of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Sichuan University:



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Important Dates

Submission Time: 

March 10 – April 10, 2023


Oct. 13-15, 2023


Organized by:

China English Language Education Association

Hosted by:

Sichuan University

Co-hosted by:

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press